To design, develop and build scalable Hydrogen production-via-electrolysis facilities at multiple strategic locations in Western Europe deploying only proven and commercial technologies in partnership with established energy-industry participants.

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Our Focus

Volt H2 is the leading developers of Western European Hydrogen Infrastructure.  

Origination and Development of electrolysis-based Hydrogen Production Projects.



Our project sites are selected at strategic locations that support the implementation of clean hydrogen production facilities.



Our team is the leading developer of Hydrogen Energy production facilities.



Volt H2 partners with facilitators of clean energy and hydrogen energy in Western Europe.


Partnering with Western Europe Hydrogen Energy facilitators to develop the infrastructure in key strategic locations.



Being located in the nucleus of an operating industrial Port, VoltH2 intend to supply other industrial customers in the area, potentially through dedicated pipelines.

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Supplying Fuel

Research and development is being conducted into the economical supply and monetizing the transportation of hydrogen fuel to stations for commercial use.

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Road Rail & Sea

Multimodal logistics’ infrastructure which is strategic for the future supply and transshipment of hydrogen to customers beyond the immediate locality.

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Hydrogen Storage

H2 produced from the surplus power to be stored for consumption on demand, creating a fully integrated and economical solution.

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power peak

Power Management

H2 production and storage can be optimized to support a power-peaking management strategy for supplying energy back to the grid.

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Volt H2 Locations


Locations sized to reach target of 100 MW, enabling a significant upscaling capability to service future demand.


Partner with Volt H2

Discover more about how to partner with Volt H2 in the rapidly evolving Green Hydrogen Industry in Western Europe.

Volt H2 Projects

Volt H2 is strategically situated to develop multiple projects in Western Europe.



25MW - 100 MW facility under development.

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25 MW Electrolyser development in Terneuzen

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VoltH2 Energy Revolution


Volt H2 has started a third facility for a 25 MW electrolyzer in Belgium.

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VoltH2 has Multiple Sites Planned at Strategic Locations

April 2016
Paris Agreement Signed

The global agreement to obtain net zero.

CO2 Emissions Peak

The world begins actively seeking solutions to achieve our mandate in reducing Co2 with Net Zero Energy.

80% Reduction in CO2

Volt H2 will be instrumental in achieving this goal.

Net Zero Achieved

Volt H2 Hydrogen Energy to play a key role in our success

Hydrogen will be key to net zero goal being obtained

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Recent News


VoltH2 Expands Team

Vlissingen, the Netherlands. October 19, 2021 – VoltH2 is pleased to share an update on the expansion of its team. VoltH2 continues to make significant

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