VoltH2 is moving fast in securing multiple locations in Western Europe

Suitable for Clean Hydrogen Infrastructure

Prospective Partners

VoltH2 will form strategic partnerships or joint ventures that will support long-term and continuous power supply and H2 off-take commitments and each facility.

In all cases, prospective partnerships will have the capacity to provide VoltH2 with either dedicated inputs of renewable or zero-carbon power generated from wind parks, solar or nuclear or will support out via long term H2 off-take and consumption commitments.

Map of Western Europe
VoltH2 is currently focused partnering in Western Europe locations.

Western Europe's Leading Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure Development Partners

Low Carbon Power

We partner with companies and industry in nuclear power generation, renewable and fossil based based power generation.

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Level 2

Possible participation and project development if it facilitates reaching main objectives in H2 production.

H2 Production


Electrolysis based Hydrogen production

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H2 Distribution

H2 Feedstock

For industry

H2 Distribution

Via multi-modal transportation, pipeline and future Hydrogen Grid

H2 Storage

H2 Trading

BSP Services to E-Grid

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